Holly & Adam

One of the best parts about becoming a massage therapist is the people I meet.  There are many clients I see more than friends or family members.  It’s such an honor to get to know and care for so many people that trust and respect you.

I met Adam first as a massage client back in early 2012.  He had been dealing with an injury and started seeing me regularly.  He wasn’t there to relax, so we would often chit chat and got along great.  He’s great at retelling stories and I always looked forward to seeing him.  Then he referred his wife to me because he knew she’d like me.  When Holly came in she made it very clear she often didn’t get what she wanted from massages, but thought she’d give me a try because Adam spoke so highly of me.  No pressure or anything.  My nerves quickly subsided as she was instantly impressed.  She was just as cool and chatty as her husband, and now I had another regular client.  

One day, Holly was explaining how on their vacation to Florida she rode an alligator.  She assured me there was proof on facebook, so I sent her a friend request to check it out.  Indeed, she did in fact ride an alligator.  Her cover photo caught my eye after I finished watching the alligator ride, and I recognized my friends Ben & Heather in the picture with Holly.  Then it clicked!  Holly was their older sister that I hadn’t met yet.  I didn’t think of it because she has her married last name.  Small world!  Turned out they also knew my best friend Katie, and our friendships took off.  We started a fun routine where they would schedule their massages in my last spots of the day so we could go get sushi afterwards.  This went on for a while, almost weekly at one point, and I loved those sushi nights.  Sometimes it would be the three of us, and sometimes it was just me with one of them.  Either way, it was always guaranteed good conversation and company.

As individuals, and as a couple, Holly & Adam are the coolest.  I feel like I always learn something new from Adam.  He always takes the time to research and absorb information.  Holly’s energy always pumps me up.  You can’t be around her and not get super excited about whatever there is to be excited about.  They are educated, adventurous, thoughtful, playful and helpful.  Being around them gave me insight into what a healthy relationship could really look like.  They’ve been married since 2007.  They both have thriving lives in and out of the relationship.  They chose to remain childless which helped me see what my life could look like.  I admire them so whole-heartedly as individuals and as partners.

They were there for me when I started to realize I needed to break-off my engagement.  The day it happened back in 2014 was understandably a very hard and overwhelming day.  I thought I had prepared for it enough, but I don’t think I could have been fully prepared for something like that.  I was alone in the condo trying to figure out how I was going to move out by myself in 8 hours.  Holly texted me to check in.  I told her what was going on, that it didn’t go well, and that I didn’t know what to do.  I was a little panicked and freaking out.  “We’re cancelling date night.  Be there soon.” That was the text I got back from her, and in 6 hours the 3 of us moved me into my sister’s house for the second time.  They saved me that day.  They put their own plans aside to help a friend in need.  It’s what they do for all of the people they care about.  I’ll never forget that.  

It wouldn’t be the last time they’d come through for me.  Two years later in 2016 I found myself living at my sister’s house for the third time following another breakup.  I was handling things much better by this point in my life.  I loved living with my sister and her family, and I’m happy to have had that time to be close to them and their children.  But I had started my own business earlier that year, and felt stuck.  I felt like a badass entrepreneur but at the same time was living in my little nephew’s bedroom.  I didn’t feel aligned.  Holly & I went out to dinner to catch up, and I shared how I was feeling.  One of the things I love about Holly is that she’s an action taker.  You can vent to her about what’s bothering you, but her response will always be actionable.  I got this from her.  She said their lease was up at their apartment soon and they wanted to move closer to the area, and that maybe if it worked out for everyone we could get a place together.  I was floored.  I knew she needed to talk about it with Adam, and there was no pressure, but if it was something they would seriously consider I was 100% interested.  I got the text from her that same night saying Adam was in too.

Then in December 2016 we became the Banoue family.  We moved into an awesome apartment together in Weymouth, and still live there presently.  This was such a healthy, positive move in my life.  Having a single income in Massachusetts makes it hard on anyone to live on their own, but I was no longer tied to the thought that I needed to live with a man or be stuck living at home.  There were more options than I was ever open to exploring.  Living with them has been amazing.  I’ve had a front row seat to their individual successes.  Holly working her way up through the ranks of Amazon, one badass promotion at a time, and eventually leaving for an even better opportunity.  Adam graduating college, doing his internships, and becoming a Registered Dietician.  I love seeing them play games, cook, and watch movies together.  I’ve felt safe, secure, and that I belong.  I feel proud contributing to the space for all of us.  Living with them has allowed me to flourish into my 30’s.

Holly & Adam are two of my dearest friends, and key members of my support group.  I will never forget their generosity and the amazing things they’ve done for me.  A lot of who I am today has come from knowing them.  They are great people to know, and the world is a better place with them in it.

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